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Welcome to my revamped website and my world.

“Words & Wisdom” best sums up what I offer.

As above (wisdom), so below (words).


I am the author of seven books, many of them socially-engaged crime fiction. I have also been teaching writing and editing at the university level over the past twenty years, in addition to coaching writers individually and in groups. Working with words is my passion. The more I have learned and accomplished as an author and teacher, the more I have to offer as an editor; I would be honored to help you with your project if we make a good fit.


I began developing my skills as an intuitive, an astrologist, and a student and teacher of metaphysics beginning at age 11. I went on to counsel clients, and write books and columns, back in my O.G. days! I also worked as a counselor on the NYC AIDS Hotline during some of the worst years of the epidemic. With the world on the brink of apocalypse, I feel compelled to return to this calling as a healer. Feel free to check out my weekly horoscope on Trixie’s List, my latest astrology writing for Reader’s Digest, and an astrology chart I did for Chronogram magazine in the Hudson Valley. I am doing my own shadow work, and I know what it’s like to face demons. Always an optimist, I really do believe this era is the dark before the dawn. If I can offer my skills to be of service to you, please reach out.

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