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In Metaphysical or “Meta” Astrology I take traditional astrology and expand it for these transformational times to include Tarot, Kabbalah, the I-Ching, Shamanistic Shape-Shifting, the seven Hermetic Laws of the Universe and I teach and practice my method in a human, embodied way – in other words – with soul, peeps!

My mission is to help you practice self-inquiry and recognize the signs from the universe to better navigate your journey. These ancient tools are fascinating and fun and I’ve been studying and practicing them for decades. The synthesis of these tools came to me in a download from the universe. Like everyone, I feel an accelerating urgency to walk the right path during this dark before-the-dawn era. There is a struggle on this planet: Ascension vs. Destruction. We are facing nothing less than potential extinction. But the word “potential” holds the key. I aim to help you to fulfill yours, and I trust you will pay it forward. We need all the help we can get and that is why I am here. All aboard! The train is leaving the station.

Client Endorsements:

“Years later, I still reflect on Jill’s reading of my highly Arian chart — in many ways, she provided me with lessons and themes that will instruct me for the rest of my life.”

–Karyn Kusama, film/tv director, YELLOWJACKETS on Showtime, Jennifer’s Body.

Photo of Karyn Kusama and Jill Dearman copyright David Godlis

“Jill Dearman personifies all the best parts of New York City. She’s
brilliant and irreverent, soulful and sophisticated, and more
down-to-earth than most people you’ll ever meet. Her knowledge of pop culture and insight into the cosmic world is quite simply life-altering. She guided me into a new phase of creativity with psychic
wisdom and great humor. Jill understands the basic laws of causality and the cosmos with a laid-back intuition that will make you feel safe and very strong. Jill Dearman is a good person, a great reader of people and literature, and a writer of many gifts. It is a blessing to be in her presence.”

–Molly Rosen, Founder, Director: Brooklyn Writers Collective.

“Unlike many astrologers, Jill approaches each reading as a window into the elements that comprise a personality, not to ‘predict’ the future. So when she gave a reading for my newborn son, it was fascinating to hear about his potential interests and personality, and I often think about her reading, as it has proven to be amazingly accurate. A great gift for a new parent.”

–Laura Staton, author, Baby Om (Henry Holt) and Yoga Bones (Hachette).


Time-Sensitive Meta-Astrology Reading:

Email me your query about a particular time period (give me dates such as a specific day, or one week or up to one-month timeframe). Fee $75. Available by short video I send you, or 20-minute phone conversation.

Astrological Chart Readings:

In one 75-minute session (via zoom or in person) I will analyze your natal chart and provide you with deep insights into your character, strengths as well as unconscious blocks. I will share guidance with you so that you may use this reading as a tool to navigate your life forward during these wild times! It’s always fascinating and fun. $200. Treat yourself or a friend. Available by telephone, zoom, or in person in the Hudson Valley and occasionally in NYC.

Additional Chart Readings:

Follow-up readings focusing on upcoming transits, using natal, solar return, and progressed chart are also available, as are readings for your baby, and couples’ readings. Available by telephone, zoom, or in person in the Hudson Valley and occasionally in NYC.

Tarot Card Readings:

Using intuition, decades-long professional experience with tarot, astrology, kabbalah, and more, I will help to attain maximum clarity on your questions, and provide you with insights and tools to help you to move forward. Generally, in a 30-minute reading you can focus on one or two issues. Fee: $90

A 60-minute reading is recommended for additional queries and deeper dives. Fee: $160 Available by telephone, zoom, or in person in the Hudson Valley and occasionally in NYC.

Time-Sensitive Tarot Query by Email:

If you have a burning question, you can email it to me and I’ll get back to you within one to two days with an email response – usually a couple of paragraphs. You may then send me a follow up a question, and I will do the same. $65.

Metaphysical Healing Session by Telephone:

Are you dealing with grief of any sort or just feeling pummeled by life? I will do a guided meditation with you using shamanistic shape-shifting techniques, and help you to tap into your higher self to induce self-healing. A 45-minute session costs $125.

Basic Chart Info by Email:

If you just need the basic information (no interpretation) of your chart, for cocktail party chat or your own edification, I can provide that. I will send you a picture of your chart, and will write up the basics: what planets are in what signs, in what degrees, in which houses. For people born on the cusp, please know: you are either one sign or the other. This will provide you with the correct intel. $50.

Mentoring Package: Stay tuned

To book an appointment contact me at I accept Zelle (preferred), Venmo, PayPal or cash. No refunds if cancelled within 24 hours, but I am generally flexible re: rescheduling / giving credit for future appointments.

DISCLAIMER: (It’s a litigious world, so just need to paste this in:) My services do not constitute or replace, and should not be construed as financial, legal, medical, psychiatric, psychological, or any other type of professional advice on any subject matter. If you require such advice, please consult a licensed professional.