In a State of Confusion and Worry, Friends? You are Not Alone. During such troubled times, I want to offer a service that speaks to what many yearn for: Metaphysical Counseling. So, what does that look like? I provide 45-minute sessions by phone for $175. Share your birth data (date/city of birth, and time of birth, if you have), beforehand and I’ll prepare by taking a look at your individual astrology. During our session, we discuss what’s on your mind, and I will help guide you toward the clarity you seek. In addition to my skills as an intuitive, and professional counselor, I also weave in helpful knowledge as needed from my metaphysical toolkit. My studies include knowledge of the primordial energy of the Hebrew letters (Kabbalistic mysticism), manifestation, meditation, and consciousness elevation methods. The goal is to help you with your immediate concerns while teaching you skills you can use to tune in to your own intuition and inner guidance system. The reason I use the telephone instead of Zoom is because I use my voice as a tool, and help to teach you self-hypnosis. Sessions are limited and I will try to accommodate as best I can. For those of you who haven’t known me forever (LOL) In addition to penning my new novel Jazzed and several other books, I have also written a couple of astrology books, published by St. Martins Press in the late ‘90s, reprinted by MacMillan a few years back, and translated into French, Korean, etc. For many years, I worked with clients as an astrologist and tarot reader. Prior to that I worked as a counselor at the NYC AIDS Hotline. Write me at to arrange an appointment. And in the meantime, breathe.