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Are You a Woman or a Wouse? Fall Writing Workshop Sept 22 and Editing Special

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Hello Friends,

I understand the feeling of anxiety that comes with the new school year.  Every Labor Day it comes on strong.

There is a constant push/pull between work and play that exists during the summer. To quote Roland Barthes in his essay, “The Writer on Holiday”:

“..the writers is the prey of an inner god 
who speaks at all times…Writers are on holiday, 
but their muse is awake and gives birth non-stop.”

We may have worked too hard this summer, and not played enough, or perhaps we are facing the fall without having accomplished enough.
If we are behind schedule it’s time to double down on discipline as the season kicks off. Nervous? I understand. But to quote 9 to 5 :

“What are you, a man or a mouse? I mean, a woman or a wouse?”

Tap into your bravery and join me for an all-day “Bang the Keys” style writing workshop Sat. Sept. 22. We work on the practice and craft of writing (two great tastes!), with great gusto and depth. Details below. The workshop will take place at the famed Writers Room on Broadway near Waverly. Sign up for the workshop and receive A FREE ONE DAY PASS TO THE ROOM TO USE OVER THE NEXT YEAR.

(FYI for those outside of NYC, or unavailable on this day: I also offer editing and coaching packages up my sleeve. Read on, rather than weep.)

For more contact:
Teaching video:



  • Set writing goals, hours and deadlines to ensure what’s in your head ends up on the page?
  • Develop characters whom your favorite actors would kill to portray?
  • Build narrative momentum so that your story keeps readers wondering what will happen next?
  • Infuse your writing with heat and verve and make it irresistible to readers?
  • Leave with a blueprint plan for completing your draft within three months?

Then sign up!
Sat. Sept. 22, 2018
10 am – 4pm at THE WRITERS ROOM

Whether you are working on a short story, novel, nonfiction book, essay, book proposal, screenplay, memoir, play, book of poetry, or a genre-bending cookbook-graphic novel, please feel free to contact me to get precise info on a package for you. I also analyze/edit dissertations for those who are all but disgusted (ABD) with their theses!

In addition I have worked as a writing coach since 2003, and am available for individual sessions.

BIO: Jill Dearman is an independent editor, writing coach, and the author of Bang the Keys, a much-lauded book for writers, which includes an introduction by Author John Leland of The New York Times. Her debut novel, The Great Bravura, was published to great acclaim in 2015. As a novelist, she has been featured on NPR and deemed “The New Queen of Noir” by Go Magazine. Augusten Burroughs described The Great Bravura as “Brutal and magical and sexy as hell. Dearman’s noir voice shatters boundaries I never knew existed.” Her book for middle schoolers on the History of Feminism will be published by Nomad Press in April, 2019. Jill is represented by agent Susan Golomb of Writers House. A seasoned teacher, Jill also worked for a decade as a Part-Time Professor of Journalism at New York University, and currently teaches writing at the College of New Rochelle / Rosa Parks Campus in Harlem and at New York University’s College of Applied Liberal Arts. Jill also serves on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Dialogic Pedagogy. For more:

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