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The Way Through These Dark Times is Simpler Than You Think

By Posted in - News on October 10th, 2018 1 Comments

October 10, 2018


I am writing this to help us collectively ground our energy during troubled times. I haven’t formally put on my Astrologist hat in many years, but I have never stopped wearing my invisible cloak (the one with all the cool zodiac symbols, lined with black satin)! I am seeing my friends, loved ones, fellow humans struggle so during these weeks and months and have been meditating on: what can we do to get through each day, to endure and yes even thrive during this long cycle of chaos? Here are some gentle thoughts to ponder.

The Finished Puzzle

There are three major outer planets affecting our collective energy for the next two years: Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Each of them is traveling through an earth sign. In astrology, earth represents stability, the physical world, hard work. Saturn is the planet of patience, goals and structure. It’s hard to put a puzzle together if you don’t have the cute little box cover with the picture of the unicorn disco dancing in the clouds or whatever the end result is you’re aiming for. Saturn is all about time management and fortitude– working slowly and steadily towards a concrete goal. What is the picture you have in mind of what you want your life to look like? Focus on that. Keep it in your mind’s eye daily. Think of it when you wake in the morning and go to sleep at night.

We may not be able to control everything, but we can master the art of the small act of healing. The soothing touch. The nurturing meal. A small job well done. A helpful act of positive change. Saturn moved into its home sign of Capricorn in December of 2017 and will continue its journey through 2020. Times may be dark, but this transit began mere weeks after the horrible election of November 2016, and with some Saturnian patience we will find our way to 2020 and perhaps a better picture. Saturn, Capricorn and all things earthy in astrology can be symbolized by the simple image of putting one foot in front of the other, taking one step and then the next. Feets don’t fail me now!! Get to work, lend a hand.

Our Bodies, Our Selves

So, before we go any further let’s be clear that our bodies have more answers now than we may realize. Many New Yorkers like myself who were here during 9/11 remember the tales of our beloved NYC dogs who were going for their runs on the West Side Pier on that beautiful Tuesday morning. The way they stopped and stood – vigilant, on high alert, minutes before any deadly planes were seen or heard was eery, prescient. They knew on the most primal level what was happening. Danger. Our bodies are partnering with us to work through a lot of the terror that this is in the air. We are stronger than we think. What is your body telling you you need?

We Can Be Heroes

On May 15, 2018 Uranus moved into another earth sign for an eight year transit through Taurus –stubborn sign of money and possessions, but also of Mother Nature. Uranus joined Pluto which had been in earthy Capricorn since 2008 – the start of the Obama era! (Wipe your tears.) Uranus is thought of as the planet of revolutionary change. It tends to begin with disruption and sudden turmoil, but its end game is sustained progress. It made its shift in May, 2018, six months after that horrible election day. When the universe deals us a Uranian card it promises a bumpy ride, but if we play our hand strategically and imaginatively the result could be a better world for all of us. Uranus is shocking, but all earth signs, like Taurus, are realistic. So yes, our world is on the brink of disaster, but better that we know this and do the small things we can to make change, and ALSO do the small things we can to experience uninhibited joy!

If we go back to the beginning of the Pluto cycle in 2008, let’s recall we put a lot of energy into “hope,” and the Obamas were certainly great role models. But eight years later came the backlash. That always happens, people! We’re just seeing it on an apocalyptic level! Let’s learn from our history and rather than focus outward on heroes and villains let’s be heroes ourselves, to paraphrase Bowie, just for one day. And then another and then another. That’s the hard earthy work. Stop posting incessantly and worrying without end. Instead, make real connections with real humans, do real work in a small way right now.

And so friends, we come to the point of this missive. How can we heal ourselves – individually?

The Revolution Starts Within

Pluto, like Uranus, is also associated with revolution, but on an inward level. The Hebrew concept of “Tikkun” refers to the idea that we are all broken, but if we each fix ourselves we can heal the world. The smashed glass at a Jewish wedding is a reminder of the way we and our world are broken into infinite shards, but by “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” we build the inner resources to fight the dark demons we face. Better to fight together than alone. Pluto wants us to heal ourselves, but when we don’t it gets mean. I am reminded of the line in Citizen Kane:

“You’re the greatest fool I’ve ever known, Kane. If it was anybody else, I’d say what’s going to happen to you would be a lesson to you. Only you’re going to need more than one lesson. And you’re going to get more than one lesson.”

Pluto has no patience for people who don’t want to transform themselves. If you keep making the same mistakes, don’t expect a different outcome. That’s the tough love part. But let me share with you a tender thought to inspire you to be brave. You have within you great resilience and great creativity. What awaits on the other side is peace of mind, and manifestation of dreams. Change yourself and change the world. I don’t mean your nature. You are who you are, but the way you operate in the world. Try something new, see what it feels like.

Simple Exercises to Begin

Write down a simple vision of what you want your life to be like. Think of it the way you might imagine an event, like a party you’re planning, or a trip you want to take. Except this is not a one-off event. It’s your life, as it should be. Imagine yourself there enjoying it. Feel it into being.

Pick up some crayons and draw your vision. If we’re going to teach our children how to make the world a better place, we need to teach by example. Would someone like the Orange Baby have become so dangerous if he was taught to connect to himself and find peace within, rather than constantly seek validation by attaining more and more stuff, more and more applause, more and more power? Draw your way out of a tricky problem into a Wizard of Oz like solution, one that you’ve had all along, Dorothy! Our real life children and all the rest of the humans – the grown up children that are still young wounded beings on the inside – don’t need to be around more bummed out energy. If you’re sad, cry. Let the moods move through so as to make room for the joy. And get that vision of your joyful life on paper in burnt sienna, red-orange and chartreuse or whatever colors you choose.

Whom do you need to be around to realize your vision? Who inspires you and who holds you back? Think about who in your life is a visionary and vow to connect more closely. It’s called good vibes, baby! Shed your old skin and seek to be the clearer less muddy version of yourself. Avoid people who spin the same negative tales about how life sucks. The people who can handle you in all your you-ness and who bring a unique perspective to your world are good luck charms. Grab ‘em!


Jupiter, the archetypal planet of good luck and expansion moves into its home sign of Sagittarius on November 9th for thirteen months. No matter what is going on in the world, in your private life, in your psyche, prepare for some good times. There’s nothing wrong with getting loud and bawdy and wild and mischievous. We need to blow off steam too! We are alive in this moment and inventing ourselves and our reality every second. Be bold! Honestly, what have you go to lose?

Let me know how it goes!