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Art Matters Now More Than Ever! Come Write WIth Me This Saturday in NYC

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Hello Folks,

If you are a writer who’s been a little stuck, or too anxiety-ridden by current events to get down to business, I’d like to invite you to join me this Sat. Jan. 28th in Chelsea for an all day writing workshop.

You may feel powerless during this time but, please know you are not! My friend Stanley wrote a play called Private Manning Goes to Washington, that went to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh this past August and which I had the pleasure of seeing in Manhattan last month. The play imagined a meeting between President (sigh!) Obama and Chelsea Manning, the trans whistleblower army private who changed the way we looked at freedom of information. After the performance, I can tell you as an eyewitness, all the members of that audience were motivated to speak out and do our part to petition to the President to pardon Private Manning. Well this very month as many of you know, he did! Art does have the power to change hearts and minds — now more than ever.

And you don’t have to be an experienced scribe – or even a grown up! — to make a difference. My friend Jennifer’s six year-old daughter, who is pals with my six year-old daughter was featured in this closing paragraph in the NY Times about the NYC Women’s March, for what she wrote on her protest sign: “Little Donald, you’ve been a bad boy. Now go to your room for the next four years!”

Don’t think your work has to be political either. Art is life and if you’ve got something to say, now is the time to say it – and finish it!


  • Set writing goals, hours and deadlines to ensure what’s in your head ends up on the page?
  • Develop characters who your favorite actors would kill to portray?
  • Build narrative momentum so that your story keeps readers wondering what will happen next?
  • Infuse your writing with heat and verve and make it irresistible to readers?
  • Leave with a blueprint plan for completing your draft within three months?

Then sign up!

Sat. Jan 28
10 am – 4pm in Chelsea

(discounts available)

to register, email:

Jill Dearman is an independent editor, writing coach, and the author of Bang the Keys, a much-lauded book for writers, which includes an introduction by John Leland of The New York Times. Her debut novel, The Great Bravura, was published to great acclaim last year. As a novelist, she has been featured on NPR and deemed “The New Queen of Noir” by Go Magazine. Augusten Burroughs described The Great Bravura as “Brutal and magical and sexy as hell. Dearman’s noir voice shatters boundaries I never knew existed.” Jill is also a well-published journalist who worked for a decade as a Part-Time Professor of Journalism at New York University.
For an in depth interview about Jill’s writing process read Robert Polito’s feature for
The Brooklyn Rail:
For a sense of Jill’s teaching watch this short video:

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