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I’m Guest Starring on How to Get Away With Murder!

By Posted in - News on October 23rd, 2015 0 Comments

Ok, not really. Viola Davis and I had a cat fight five years ago and neither of us has recovered. (Nor have the cats…) However…

The Readers Room recommended books to readers based on quality TV they are addicted to. Here’s what they said about my novel The Great Bravura. 

If you can’t stop binge watching How To Get Away With Murder

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Annalise Keating and her students might know how to get away with murder, but will the Great Bravura be put in prison for the murder of her best friend? If you love How To Get Away with Murder, you will devour The Great Bravura by Jill Dearman. This fun page-turning read brings us back to the the time of classic noir murder mysteries. It’s a sexy novel that will “rocks the senses.”
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This nice advance notice, also just in:

“With the illusion of a good magic show and the captivating edge of the early 20th century, The Great Bravura spellbinds readers in its twisted tale.” — RT Reviews

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