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Time Out New York: “Shrink Rap” (cover)

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Writer to Writer

I wrote a weekly column for Barnes &’s website. It afforded me the opportunity to talk to writers of all stripes — from bigtime literati, to small press gems to self-published iconoclasts –– and to bring attention to these wonderful scribes. Enjoy them and buy the books, people! Support your fellow pencil-pushers.

A sampling of interviews:

Cinematographer and author Matthew Howe

Joan Schenkar, Patricia Highsmith biographer

Ben Yagoda, Journalist and Author

Rober Polito, Poet, Author

Safe House’ Author Burton Shulman

Notes on Sontag with Phillip Lopate

Hemingway Deadlights Author and Film Critic Michael Atkinson

Laurie Sandell and Liz Welch, Two Friends Talk About Family Memoirs

Cartoonist Josh Neufeld’s Cinematic Take on Hurricane Katrina

Matthew Quick on ‘The Silver Linings Playbook.’

Agent Janet Rosen Talks Publishing 

Joanna Smith Rakoff

Nova Ren Suma

Occult Scholar and former Blondie Bass Man Gary Lachman

Jackson Taylor

Rachel Stolzman