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The Tree of Life – for Beginners and Masters Alike

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October 28, 2018,


I heard from a lot of you after sharing some astrological light in the darkness earlier this month:

After yesterday’s latest bit of domestic terrorism – at a synagogue in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood no less—I thought I should tune back in. The attack took place at the Tree of Life synagogue. The tree of life is an ancient mystical symbolism that maps the spiritual universe and the human psyche. Follow the path and it will lead you to more and more illumination. And dear peeps, during troubled times like this all I can say is: me likes!!!!

The Tree of Life is comprised of ten interconnected spheres called the sefirot. I tend toward the belief that we are all God and God is in each of us and that we are all metaphorically part of one complete whole. You can like it to waves in the ocean, that are still part of one ocean, or parts of the body that are still part of one body, or instruments in an orchestra, that are still part of one orchestra. I like the last analogy best, as it can inspire each of us to tune our own instruments well and move towards others who share our high vibration. We may go out of tune, but we can always pause, reset and tune back up! I know that Michelle Obama’s words (way back when it seems), “When they go low, we go high,” may sting a bit, given how bad things keep getting. But it doesn’t erase the wisdom of our personal responsibility to go high.

The ten spheres represent the ten archetypal numbers of the Pythagorian system. Much as I love the esoteric world, I also digs me some pop culture. So now is the point in our journey where you need to imagine I am Russell Crowe (when he was still hot, please!!!) as John Nash in A Beautiful Mind – surrounded by numbers come to life:

The Tree of Life contains 32 paths. The first 10 are the Sefiroth, not including Daat. The remaining 22 align with the lines or channels of energy that join the Sefiroth together. Each of these, in turn, corresponds to one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

I see the missing “Daat” as a reflection of what some kabbalists call “The Missing Letter,” which is formless but captures what can’t be put into form. I think of it the way a pause in music has no sound, but it still exists as part of the composition.)

So let’s look at those ten spheres of the Sefirot:




These are my takes on the ten spheres, which all have Hebrew names. Start from the bottom up and ascend as you are able!


Keter: The Infinite. Universal consciousness. The feeling of true connectedness to everything.

Chokhmah:  Wisdom, spiritual truth, higher self. You know when you are tapped in to this part of yourself. So stop tap dancing and tap back in! It is always with you.

Binah:  Understanding, reason. How can you use all the previous steps on this path to reach the highest level?

Chesed: Compassion, mercy. It starts with the self. Forgive yourself as to err is human. Then keep going.

Gevurah: Strength, determination. Pushing through challenges, or waiting with calm determination.

 Tiferet:  Beauty, symmetry, creativity. Now all those delicious lovely details can be explored and worked out.

Netzach: Initiative, which leads to creation.

Hod: Observation and intellect, communication. Find the words to capture your vision with clarity.

Yesod: Establishing a foundation, a spiritual connection to your intention (which leads to) the power of Manifesting.

Malkuth: Physical grounding in the temple or “kingdom” of your body. Once your body is grounded, healed if it is aching, visions can come and you can see what you need to see clearly.

So in conclusion, friends – this path is like a walk in the woods with ten markers. Where are you at this moment?

Be here now, and keep going!

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